Meet Steve Fox

Steve Fox is a San Francisco Bay Area radio vet. Like the WKRP theme song goes, he’s been “up and down the dial” and has programmed music for a number of radio stations. But what Steve excels in is his unique ability to mix music. That’s because he’s been DJ-ing in front of crowds for over two decades and knows how to read a room and play what people want to hear. You’ll love Steve Fox’s Old School. It’s music mixed the way it SHOULD be…

Steve not only loves music (that’s obvious, isn’t it?), but he’s a big classic car guy. He owns an all original 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS with 65k miles and is the president of the Nor-Cal Chevelle Camino Car Club in San Jose. Steve also knows a ton about red wine. He hosts a video series called “The Wine Showcase” with his friend, John Behring that reviews and recommends wines (You can see his videos on YouTube). Steve also enjoys loves cycling (as in bicycling) with friends and family members. You’ll see him on the road 100 miles a week..Crazy!

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