Request Line

That one song is in the back of your mind. Tell me about it!

Leave your song request below. You will hear it very soon.

328 Responses to "Request Line"

  1. Bob says:

    Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music

  2. Mia Boyd says:

    Peabo Bryson…Im So Into You…Dedicated to my hubby Adrian Boyd

  3. DJ says:

    Funky Town by Lipps INC
    Thank you. Im glad i found your station on iTunes. I listen to it while Im doing my homework 🙂

  4. John says:

    Hi Steve,

    Can you play Kool & The Gang – Get Down On It?? I have that song stuck in my head right now. 🙂


  5. otis says:

    can you play
    man in love
    by bill wright
    thank you
    otis willis
    aka mrmagic

  6. Tracy says:

    Can you play HAPPY RADIO by Edwin Starr with a shout out to the Crutchfield Crew listening with Sparky and the ladies today?

  7. Mike says:

    can you play an’t gonna bumb whith no big fat, buy Joe Tex

    thank you

  8. Doug Holliday says:

    Hey Steve, How about Let’s Work from Prince?

  9. Doug Holliday says:

    Thanks Steve!
    You Da Man.
    Now get to work.


  10. Marita says:

    First time listener and lovin it!! If you don’t mind slowing it down a bit, please play Babyface “I only think of you” and dedicate to my Husband Lolo <3

  11. Gus says:

    How about Peter Piper by Run Dmc?


  12. Steve Fox says:

    I aim to please 🙂 Enjoy your weekend and thanks for listening!

  13. deacon mack says:

    Play Isaac Hayes Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquefalymistic

  14. eznim says:

    Can You please play The Lonely One by Terry Huff

  15. mark conner says:

    Workin’ Day and Night- Michael Jackson! Love the old muscle cars like your Chevy Steve. I have an 83 Datsun 280zx that i’m currently working on

    • Steve Fox says:

      Awesome car you have! I used to drive one of those and it was a fun rocket ship back in the day. Just did a weekend out with the Chevelle SS. Great therapy! I’ll get “workin” on for you in the next hour. Thanks for listening!

  16. John b says:

    Hi Steve,

    Could you play
    Play Isaac Hayes Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquefalymistic

    I heard it the other day and just thought to myself that is the definition of soul right there.

    John b

  17. Julie says:

    Hi Steve, how about Double Dutch Bus, please?

  18. Brandon and Treion Dally says:

    Can you please play Controversy by Prince.
    My wife and I are listening right now and she would love to hear this.
    Thanks for playing all these great hits.

  19. Brandon and Treion Dally says:

    Thanks Steve. My wife is all smiles right now.

  20. Brandon and Treion Dally says:

    Listening on Tune In on my Playstation.
    In Fernley, Nevada. 38 miles East of Reno.
    Thanks again!

  21. Mark Conner says:

    the Express, BT Express! Your loyal fans at Crutchfield

  22. Ron Parks says:

    Hey Steve,
    I’d like to hear ‘Lickin’ Stick’ and/or ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag’ by James Brown. I’ll be surprised if you’ve got ‘Lickin’ Stick’.
    Enjoying your show while I’m putting my lyrics in my iPad.

  23. Andrea says:

    I’d like to hear Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and/or “Beat It”, I’m a big Michael Jackson fan, and would appreciate it very much.

    • Steve Fox says:

      Hi Andrea- It’s coming up for you in a few minutes! Check out my like page “Steve Fox’s Old School” on Facebook and take a look at the next release of Michael’s material that will be out in May.

  24. Mark Conner says:

    Hi Steve! Love Ballad and Holdin’ On, LTD. Your Faithful Crutchfield listeners!

  25. toine says:


  26. Mark Conner says:

    William DeVaughn-Just be thankful for what you got!

  27. Jajean Weathers says:

    Hey Steve,

    I met you last night at the Fox Club, thanks for helping Ron put on such a fantastic show. I do have a request!

    Chaka Kahn – I Feel For You

    • Steve Fox says:

      Hi Jajean- You’re right..That was one memorable show! Chaka Kahn is coming up in a few for you. Thanks for listening! By the way, you get a $10.00 gift card to either Peet’s or Starbuck’s! If you have Facebook, private message me at “Steve Fox’s Old School” and leave your info for me to get it to you.

  28. Aldo Panattoni says:

    Saw you at Ronnie Smooth show last night. Please play any Ronnie Smooth song. Looking forward to the Starbucks gift card!

    • Steve Fox says:

      You’ll be hearing him very soon! Send me a private message on Facebook at Steve Fox’s Old School with your address and your Starbuck’s will come your way. Thanks for being at the show and for listening!

  29. Brandon and Treion Dally says:

    Can you please play Mountains by Prince.

  30. Glenn Dennis says:

    I actually have two songs in the back of my mind. One of them is Barry White “I Can’t Believe You Love Me”, and the other is “Zoom(live version)” by the Commodores! You can pick one or both, you are the man! Thanks!

  31. Thomas says:

    Can you play What kind of man would i be by mint condition and by the time i get to phoenix by Issac hayes

  32. Jajean says:

    Hey Steve,

    All work and no play makes for a lonely Friday night… would love to hear 5 Minutes of Funk!

  33. Janice Cannon says:

    Can you please play Now that you’re mine again by the Spinners? This was my mama’s favorite song. It’s been 4 years and she is still missed…

    • Steve Fox says:

      Hi Janice. Some very specials memories for you. I’ll play your song in the next 15 minutes. Celebrate the great memories of your mom and hang in there!

      • Janice Cannon says:

        My mama would’ve loved your station. I live in Columbus, Georgia and these songs play on WOKS am station. I have speakers hooked up to my computer and everyone is listening to you. The younger people think these are new songs….There is a generation gap here. My kids love these songs because they are 24,23 and 8. Old school is the way to go. I know my mama is dancing with her brothers and having a BBQ in Heaven….

        • Steve Fox says:

          You’re giving the younger generation a good look at what real music is all about. Thanks for turning others on to the station and keep spreading the news that we’re around. It’s great to have you on board with us!

  34. Fabio Petry says:

    i got another song!
    Stevie Wonder – I Believe (from High Fidelity soundtrack)
    nice tune!

  35. Fabio Petry says:

    Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On
    that’s my request for now!
    have a nice weekend!

  36. Lori says:

    Can you play Tell it to my heart by Taylor Dayne. I miss the 80’s dance club days.

  37. Mark Conner says:

    Hi Steve, can you play Watching You by Slave? Thanks! Love the station. Mark

  38. Marita says:

    HI Steve! How about some Brothers Johnson I’ll be good to you” Awesome station! Thanks

  39. Kurt says:

    Hi, Steve
    How about “Up on the roof top” by the Supremes! kepp playing the songs..


  40. kurt says:

    Just had another song pop into my head!

    Issac Hayes- “Don’t let go”
    Thanks for the last request..

  41. Hazell Tyler says:

    I Love Your Station. I was Thinking about a song , that UNDISPUTED TRUTH made WHO IS HE AND WHAT IS TO YOU, ALSO DR. HOOK RIGHT PLACE WRONG TIME

  42. Ken Cruz says:

    Enjoy the music..Mellisa Morgan- “Do me Baby” Prince Cover done nicely please email me if you can air it?

  43. SIKKINK says:

    MJ is definitely the king. When i listen his tracks i feel like he is still alive. Definitely one of the most significant music celebrities ever!

  44. mark conner says:

    Hi Steve,
    how about “Got to be Enough” from ConFunkShun? Love the station!!

  45. Julian Beirne says:

    Just came across your station on TuneIn radio.. Lovin’ it. Listening in Newcastle, England. It’s going onto my favourites.

    I would love to hear either Clean up the Ghetto by the Philadelphia All stars or if that is too Funky for your station then Was it something that I said by Sylvester. A ‘B’ side that was far better than the A side.

    Thanks mate. Great music.

    • Steve Fox says:

      It’s great to have you listening! I dug up The Philadelphia International All Stars for you and it will be on in the next 10 minutes. Welcome to the family!

  46. Phil Brown says:

    Love the music! Can you play “Get Up” by Brass Construction?

  47. Herb says:

    Hot Music!!
    Play GQ -Disco Nights when you can?

  48. uncle8track says:

    Greetings Steve,
    Would you drop “Glide” by Pleasure into the playlist?

    Thanks in advance.


  49. wonder says:

    How about something from Whitney Houston……

  50. Cindy W says:

    Thanks for adding a Lady to the Jox. lol
    Luvin the Old School Steve.
    Its MY Favorite too! Thanks, Cindy

  51. Linda says:

    What about Undercover Angel?

  52. Scott Gannon says:

    La Vie en Rose by Grace Jones

  53. Bob says:

    Hey Man

    I would really love to hear

    Friends by TLC

    Humping Around by Bobby Brown

    I like your Style by Tower of Power

    Just got Paid Johnny Kempt


  54. tommy says:

    I’d love to hear Family Affair by Sly and the Family Stone



  55. Joe says:

    G’day Steve. Mate I’d love to hear Al Jarreau, “Boogie Down”. Haven’t heard this in a while. Thanks in advance.

  56. Joe says:

    G’day Steve. How about Colonel Abrams, “Trapped”. Love to hear that. Loving your radio this Saturday morning here. Thanks again.

  57. George says:

    can you play New Edition – Can you stand the rain

  58. KB says:

    This is KB again, I’ve had 20 friends join your facebook site since Jan 1st, we all love your station. Hpw about Tower Of Power’s Still Diggin On James Brown & any Con Funk Shun….. Thanks!

  59. Hannah says:

    Hi Bob, would love to hear Let’s go round again , AWB
    Happy Weekend!

  60. Hannah says:

    Thanks Steve! :o)
    Awesome song and great station,

  61. Mb Tapia says:

    Would you have Yvonne Elliman’s Moment by Moment … love that song. Would like to listen to it again. Please play. Thanks!!!

  62. KB says:

    It’s KB again, how about some Brothers Johnson Get The Funk Outta My Face?
    Thanks Steve….LOVE THIS STATION!

  63. Joe says:

    Not requesting right now. Just wanted to let you know I’m loving the show this early morning. Looking forward to Ron Parkes. Great music as always.

  64. H says:

    Hi Steve,
    Great show, please could you play Street Life by Randy Crawford
    Thanks, H

  65. Blake Steptoe says:

    Hey Steve GReat tunes Can you play Rick James – Throwdown for me please 🙂

  66. Bobby Benson says:

    Hey Steve,
    i enjoy listening to your music, you have great choices of songs,
    i would like to hear some Brass Construction and B T Express

  67. Steve Fox says:

    You got it Mayra!

  68. MAYRA DIAZ says:

    Hi Steve, I’m in Texas and I really do enjoy listening to you everyday and all the wonderful music you play. Can you play S.O.S band Take your time do it right? Again Thank you for playing all the wonderful music you play!!

    Chao Mayra 🙂

  69. Jaron says:

    Hi Steve,
    Can you play Stepping Into Tomorrow by Donald Byrd Thanks!

  70. Joe says:

    Gday Steve. Still listening and loving your show. Just requesting if you could, “Love crazy” by Atlantic star. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

  71. Jose Nunez says:

    Goo day Steve.listening and loving your show. Just requesting if you could play, “Bon bon vie (Gimme the Good Life)” by T.S.Monk. Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards.

  72. mark conner says:

    Hi Steve! Could you play Chase Me by ConFunkshun for Carmen and i who are toiling away at Crutchfield?


  73. Kurt says:

    Just sitting doing some paper work, can I hear some Issac hayes Don’t Let Go. Thanks

  74. Jajean says:


  75. Ricky Brown says:

    Choice soundz always. .thanks big time from Newcastle NSW Australia.

  76. Trey says:

    I’ve got song stuck in my head that I use to here when I would ride the bus to and from school back in the day. That song is: Golden Goddez – I Can’t Find My Baby.
    I love your fabulous old school station. Your station keeps me jammin’ non-stop while I am at work and at home.

    Thanks for keeping the Old School music alive!

  77. Joe says:

    G’day Steve. Saturday morning here down under. Would love to hear The Time Bandits “Shooting love”. Thanks heaps.

  78. Laura says:

    Hi Steve – – Love your show Love your show!!! Please please please….I’d love to hear…I think the title is ‘Could This Be Real’ by tte Natural Four. Thank you thank you thank you. Your station is my ‘go to’ no matter where I am. You are TreMenDouS…….!!!

  79. julie says:


  80. julie says:


  81. kristal perez says:

    Can you please play (SO)- by WAR. Its one of those songs that takes me back.

  82. Libby Arkadie says:

    Hey Steve got a tough one for you today! How about Jennifer Holliday’s And I’m telling you I’m not going from 1982? That woman could sing!

  83. teneka lemons-palmer says:

    hi mr fox,
    I listen to you everyday at work.. on the windows media player.
    I would like to request this song.
    “parents just don’t understand”
    by dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince

  84. Joe says:

    Yes steve i miss my bay area but will go back i miss my friends and all of you guys. Theres one hit song in mind and thats the pointer Sisters with Neutron Dance. I would like to listen to it. Thanks again Steve

  85. Stephanie says:

    My co-workers and I listen to you on widows media player…love the music! I would like to request Grazing in Grass, the instrumental, not sure who made it. Thanks and have a great weekend!!!

  86. Jackson says:

    Brother, Can you play “Muscles” By Diana Ross. In the day I used to pump iron to this song. Now all I do is pump up the amp! Thanks

  87. Shawn says:

    5 Star – “All Fall Down”

  88. JULIE says:

    hi Steve, can you please play Sometimes it snows in April….RIP PRINCE

  89. bb says:

    I really enjoy listing to the old school mix while at work. It would be nice to also hear New Birth’s Dream Merchant….just say’n


  90. Debbie says:

    You have an awesome selection! Can you play Jimmy Bo Horne – Is it In?

  91. sabrina r leonard says:

    More than a woman by the Bee Gees!!!!

  92. Iris says:

    Hi Steve,

    We met at Diana Ross concert. How about playing “where are all my friends”….Teddy Pendergrass.

  93. L A Tony says:

    Just tuned into this station. Wow what a find! These songs are definitely in my wheelhouse. I would really like to hear some E W and Fire this afternoon. Could you cue up Mighty Mighty . . . Awesome Steve. Thanks.

  94. L A Tony says:

    Good Afternoon Steve,
    Any chance for some Curtis Mayfield with Super Fly? I have really been enjoying your format and choice of music from your followers. Keep up the good work! Have a great evening!

  95. Loren says:

    Please play
    The Temptations – Standing on the Top

  96. Odell says:

    Gigolette by Ozone That was/is the jam

  97. Galvester says:

    Can you please play mchammer cant touch this please

  98. L A Tony says:

    Hey Steve – Hope you’re having a blessed day

    Nice lazy Sunday afternoon and enjoying the music you’re floatin’ out there. Got an old song that I can’t get out of my head. Hope you have a chance to throw it down today. Jackie Wilson: Baby Workout.

    Thanks and keep ’em coming Steve.

    • Steve Fox says:

      Hi Mr. Tony! I missed you on Sunday, but I will get your request on around 3pm this afternoon. I hope your Monday is the same as your lazy Sunday! Steve

  99. Spicoli says:

    Your the One for Me – D Train

  100. Spicoli says:

    Thanks – that was THEE JAM!
    How about “Teena Marie’s – Out on a limb” for the next slow-jam
    Your the BEST!

  101. Ricky says:

    can you play anything by rick james??

  102. Carol says:

    Hi Bob,

    I would like to hear I Hope She Chooses Me by Tavares and I Want to Hold Your Hand by Lakeside

  103. Steve Fox says:

    Hi Carol, no problem. I’ll always be Bob in your eyes! Thanks for being there and your requests. Give us a call sometime at 800-838-3063. Steve

  104. Thomas says:

    Hi Steve, I would like to hear one of my favorites: Mtume – You Are My Sunshine

  105. Thomas says:

    Thanks a lot and kind regards from Germany !

  106. Rene Stpaul says:

    Show you the Way to Go – M. Jackson

  107. Thomas Born says:

    Hi Steve, please could you play:”Mtume – You Me And He” for my wife Sonja. Thx!

  108. Loni says:

    Happy Monday!

    Request: This Time Baby – Jackie Moore

    Thanks in advance!

  109. Rene Stpaul says:

    Candy Girl
    I found my baby – Gap
    Beginning of my end – Unifics

  110. Kurt Warning says:

    I missed the last request. How about some more Tops, “Something about you” Detroit would love to hear it this morning.
    Keep up the great work!!

  111. Vickie Royer says:

    Steve, I would love to hear any of the songs listed; Love Power by Willie Hutch, Keep on Smilin by Wet Willie, Come and get your Love by Redbone, Feels so Good by Chuck Mangione, Boogaloo down Broadway by Fanstastic Johnny C, Breezin, by George Benson, and last but not least Come go with Me by Pockets, and Steve I plenty more in my dungeon, be Blessed!

  112. Vickie Royer says:

    Steve, thanks for the shout out, especially for pronouncing my last name right, keep on making it do what it do!

  113. Ricky says:

    Can you play ‘he’s the greatest dancer’ by sister sledge? It’s for my birthday!

  114. Richard Williams says:

    Good Morning Steve,

    How are you do? This is Richard from Atlanta. Here is my request for today:

    Delroy Morgan – I’ll do anything for you

    Thanks Steve and enjoy the rest of your day!!!

  115. Ricky says:

    can you play “return of the mack” by mark morrison? loving the tunes today!

  116. Jackson says:

    Hey Steve, love the tunes!
    Ya’ll get a chance can you spin “Eugene Wilde, Gotta get you home tonight”
    Thanks, Jackson

  117. Curtis says:

    Greetings from Footville, WI where we’re cooking dinner – stir fry noodles with turkey, peppers and fire roasted tomatoes! We need a llitle “Ball of Confusion!”

    • Curtis says:

      That’s the one. Thanks because this song is still relevant 40 years later. And the band played on…

      Chainsaw Curtis

      ps:dessert is steamed vegetable with herbs and butter.

    • Steve Fox says:

      Hi Curtis,

      I’m sure you’re on dessert now, but I have it coming up for you in a bit!

  118. Adele says:


    I would love to hear In the Bush by Musique! Haven’t heard it in forever.


  119. Rene St.Paul says:

    Hey Steve, can you do:

    Jelous Kind A Fella – Garland Green….Oldy but Goody


  120. kurt warning says:

    Steve, how about a little “Four Tops” – Something about You for gang in Detroit!!, doing some paperwork and listening as always..

  121. Rene Stpaul says:

    For R . Kelly, meant to say Hey Love
    and for Hot Thing – Prince

  122. Jamie says:

    Could you give a shout out to my mom it’s her 52nd birthday and she listens to your station all the time, Her name is Donna Dykens and it’s her 52n’d birthday, coming from nova scotia, canada and I’d like to request happy birthday by stevie wonder, thank you very much from jamie jaclyn jen and jillian

  123. Julie A Mack says:

    Can’t Go for That (No Can Do) – Hall & Oates

  124. Salisa Berry says:

    Can you please play Confunktion’s Loves Train. Thank you

  125. Martha says:

    Can you please play Rocking Chair. Thanks.

  126. Adele says:

    Hello, I would love to hear In the Bush by Musique. Thank you.

  127. Jammin’ to Lakeside!!! Thanks brah! Keep that funk up!!!!

  128. Carol says:

    Hey Steve – long time contacting you. Could you play the ChiLites A Lonely Man?

  129. Dolores says:

    Donna Summers -I feel love
    Peter Brown -Do you want to get funky with me?
    Tom Browne Fungi mama

  130. Dolores says:

    Thank you Mr Fox. If you could play Peter Brown-Crank it up and Kid Creole and the Coconuts- Stool Pigeon

  131. Ricardo Rios says:

    can you please play mary jane by rick james?

  132. Rene Stpaul says:

    Get up and Dance

  133. Freddy says:

    Hi Steve,

    Love your music, especially during my work-out in the morning.
    A few days ago (till now) my Internetradio could not connect to your streamingserver anymore :-(.
    If this is an error, can you please restore the streaming to Europe(I live in the Netherlands)?
    If restored, then I’d like to request ‘Cissy Strut’ from ‘The Meters’: I like the irresistibly groovy rhythm-juggling of bass and drums.

    Anyway, keep up the good job!

    Cheerz, a (not so “worked-out” now) fan across the ocean

  134. John B says:

    Hi Steve,

    Could you play Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic by Isaac Hayes from Hot Buttered Soul?

    John B
    Brentwood, CA

  135. Carol says:

    Hey Steve,

    Long time no hear. Please play The Dramatics I Panicked.

  136. Thomas says:

    Hi Steve, I love to listen to your radio station. I like to hear “Mtume – You are my sunshine” for my wife Sonja. Greetings from Germany, Thomas

  137. Kiera says:

    Birthday request:
    It’s my 53rd Birthday
    Would Love to hear Shalamar’s Dead Giveaway.
    Been tuning in to your show for years. Love it!
    Carry on! Peace Love Health and Happiness.

    Thank you

  138. Adele says:

    Hello from Arlington, VA. I would love to hear Hurry Up This Way Again by The Stylistics. Thanks!

  139. Jim Fry says:

    Hi Steve,
    First of all I want to say how awesome this station is and how much I’m enjoying it. I just found it several days but you have a loyal listener now. The variety on here is great.
    Can you play Friends by Whodini? Thanks,
    Have a good day

  140. Carol says:

    Hey Steve – long time no hear. I hope all is well with you. Please play The Manhattans Get It Ready

  141. Jerome says:

    Hi Steve
    Greeting DC.MD.VA…DMV Hope all is well.
    I would like to request “Ask of you by Raphael Saadiq”


  142. spiros says:

    Greetings from thessaloniki Greece. Its the first time for me. I have a request its Toni Braxton – Breathe Again
    thank you spiros

  143. Jerome says:

    Hi Steve,

    Can hear Smooth Operator by Sade


  144. John b says:

    I would like to request:

    Everybody loves the sunshine by Roy Ayers

    : )

  145. Chainsaw Curtis says:

    So…I’m listening to the ChiLites “Have You Seen Her?” and I’m thinking are there any actually verses to this song?
    “Bah bah ba ba bah bah bah
    Bah bah ba ba bah bah bah
    Have you seen her? Baby, have you seen her?”

    “Went downstairs to get caffeined up,
    Had the ‘rista put her name on my coffee cup –
    have you seen her?
    Baby, have you seen her? Have you seen her?
    Baby, have you seen her?”

    “Her name rolled off my tongue like it was made out of silk,
    You could have put her picture on a carton of milk.
    Have you seen her? Baby, have you seen her?
    Have you seen her? Baby, have you seen her?”

  146. YBGuy says:

    Could you play Funkadelic – Knee Deep at 8am tomorrow morning?? : D Do you have a donation link btw?

  147. John Philippi says:

    Hey, Steve. I like your show/station. I consider myself lucky I found you.
    If you can squeeze it in would you play Earth Wind and Fire with Reasons. It remembers to my time at high school dancing with my girlfriend at that time.
    Cheers, John

  148. Jerome says:

    Hi Steve,

    Could you please Scandalous by Prince?


  149. Kurt says:

    Can you play PEACE in the family by the Johnson family.
    Thanks Kurt in Detroit

  150. Jerome says:

    Hi Steve,

    I notice you started playing reggae music. I was wondering if you could play “No Woman No Cry” by Bob Marley and The Wailers or whatever you may have from them.

    Jerome A
    from the DC area

  151. Linard Horton says:

    Could you play Turn Back the Hands of Time by Tyrone Davis

  152. Rene Stpaul says:

    Hey, I remember a song and can’t find it?

    Sound like artist from Return of the Mack, or Michael Cooper (was he ConFunkShun)

    Should have been you, I ditched you, I ditched you

    First it was Rona, I tried to own her,

    then it was Mary, so contrary

    • Steve Fox says:

      Aye yi yi!!! That’s a hard one all the way through. Any other clues you can give me Rene? What generation did it come from? I’ll do my best to research, but so far, nothing!

      • Rene Stpaul says:

        I’m worried about you!!

        I found it. Should Have Been You, Michael Cooper – Lead singer for Con Funk Shun.

        You should put that on the rotation.

        Other things to consider

        Cleo’s Back – Jr Walker and the Allstars

        LOVE your station

  153. Debbie Turner says:

    Hey Steve! Love your station!! been listening to it for about 9 months and I listen EVERYDAY on my TV. *HEOS* I have an old school play list I started on Spotify about a year ago and I have added so many great ones from your show! Songs I have not heard in about 30 years sometimes. I’m a huge fan. There is ONE SONG that I haven’t heard on your show tho… I just heard it on Sunday and was wondering of you could play it? Do you remember this jam? Remote Control by The Reddings? Please play it

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